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Why hire a Karen Pryor academy Certified Trainer?

The dog training and walking industry is unregulated - anyone can call themselves a dog trainer or professional walker.  Hiring a KPA CTP assures your dog is trained/walked by a professional dog trainer who has elected to undertake the most rigorous training program available, and who is committed to only humane, science-based training techniques.

Will my dog be trained on the group adventure walks?

Group walks are mainly off lead fun enriching walks with other dogs.  They do involve basic training such as group sit stays, recall and manners around other dogs.  Certain behaviors are better trained one on one first without distractions e.g. loose lead.  We are happy to help with these behaviors (see day training or training walks).


  • A first aid kit is carried on the adventure group walks and kept in the car during training.

  • Staff hold a recent first aid certificate. 

  • Dogs are crated, with water when travelling in the dog van  This is to ensure dogs are comfortable and safe while travelling.

  • The dog walking van has rear air-conditioning and heating.

Do I need to be home when you arrive to collect my dog?

No you do not need to be at home.  After a initial free meet and greet I can come and collect your dog for walks or training while you are at work.

Operating days

  • Walks and training will go ahead in all weather unless safety could potentially be compromised.

  • We do not operate on public holidays.

  • Group adventure walks are weekdays.

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